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SDLG Relief Fund

Lifeguard Benefit and Happy Hour!

Join us February 24 at The Shore Rider at La Jolla Shores for a benefit to raise money for the San Diego Lifeguard Relief Fund. Go to our Facebook page for more information: 

In August of 2015, San Diego Lifeguard Gareth Chapman suffered a cervical injury while on duty. Gareth was a Lifeguard I (seasonal Lifeguard) and coming close to the end of the peak season. Lifeguard's I normally work 40-hour work weeks from mid June through Labor Day, and are not guaranteed employment in the "off" season. Unfortunately for Gareth, his injuries prohibited him from working his off season job, which left him without a livable wage. With the help of the community, and his fellow Lifeguards, we were able to pull together enough funds to give him a weekly paycheck during his recovery. Gareth is back on full duty and operating at full tilt!

Open water Lifeguarding is dangerous work. Lifeguards train daily to learn the many personalities of the ocean and prepare for the physical demands of saving lives in angry seas. Most Lifeguards get hurt at some point in their careers despite all efforts to stay healthy. The SDLG Relief Fund was created to  help Lifeguard's maintain a livable wage when faced with debilitating injuries. 

We thank you for your support!

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