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San Diego Lifesaving Association

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The San Diego Lifesaving Association is governed by the bylaws of the United States Lifesaving Association and bylaws developed by SDLA founding Directors. 

SDLA Board of Director and Officers


Board of Directors

Lieutenant Representative- Rick Romero

Sergeant Representatives- Travis Gleason & Brian Clark

Lifeguard III Representative - Charlie Knight

Lifeguard II Representatives- Dana Vanos & Connor Robbins

Lifeguard I Representatives- Pat McVan & Joey Filter

Alumni Representative- John Serrano


President- Dana Vanos -

Vice President- Jayme Broadhurst -

Secretary-  -

Treasurer- Grant LeBeau - 

SDLA Commitees

SDLA business is committee driven. We are currently seeking members to get involved to help grow the Association and increase our community involvement. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please send an inquiry to

Officers Meeting and Agenda

Officers will meet on the first Tuesday of every month at a pre-determined location. The first hour of every Officers meeting is open to the general membership. This will provide a forum for sharing of idea's, presentation of proposals, and any special requests made of the Officers Board.

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